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Data is everywhere. It's not just about numbers: data gives you insights about people and the world they live in

Learn how to go beyond spreadsheets, algorithms and mathematical calculations to tell compelling stories

Using two easy-to-use tools you'll learn how to make beautiful graphs and graphics that will get what you want to say across effectively in reports, presentations and on social media

Who is this course for?

This 4-hour workshop is for anyone who wants to learn how to communicate effectively with graphs and graphics, such as people working in communications, PR or HR. No previous experience or special skills are necessary, this is a beginner-level course. But an openness to trying something new is compulsory.

What skills will you learn?

We will show you how to:

  • Identify the stories that data tells us – and then communicate them effectively
  • Take data from a spreadsheet or table and make it into an eye-catching static or interactive graph using Flourish, an online data visualisation tool
  • Make interactive graphs that can be published on a website
  • Turn a static graphic into an eye-catching social media post using Canva, an online design tool

What do you need to do the course?

You'll need to bring your laptop as you'll get hands-on experience making your own graphs.

Course Outline

An introduction to graphs and graphics

  • Why graphs are useful for communicating information
  • Types of graphs can you make.
  • Static versus interactive graphs: when to use them
  • Who is your audience?
  • Where will you use your graphs and graphics? Presentation, social media, media release for republication

Flourish Part 1: Getting started

  • Data basics: Where to find it. What you need to know about it to turn it into a graph. Note: This includes a very gentle introduction to spreadsheets
  • How to get your data into Flourish so you can start creating

Flourish Part 2: Make your own graphs

  • How to decide which graph to make
  • What you need to know about headings, subheads, axes and annotations to make a great graph

Flourish Part 3: Publishing your chart

  • How to publish an interactive chart
  • How to download static charts from Flourish

Adding the finishing touches: A beginner’s guide to Canva

  • Getting started with Canva
  • A quick guide to templates for social media, presentations and more
  • How to get your Flourish graph into Canva
  • The key design skills you need to turn your graph into a great graphic.

What people are saying about this course

The data visualisation training with Laura and Alastair was the best four hours I spent last year. It gave me great insight into how to make our stories more accessible, and easier to understand. I also started following them on social media, which has given me some fabulous ideas on how to translate complex and important data into something very accessible. So glad I did this course, hope there are more to come! - Kim Jurgensen
The course taught me that it’s not just about the data or the nice visualisation you create from it, but it’s more about finding the story. And that’s where the impact is. - Tholoana Phoshodi
I thoroughly enjoyed the "How to Tell Stories with Data" course – it was insightful and informative, making it easy to grasp the art of storytelling through data. I had a great time and acquired valuable skills that have proven beneficial. - Manelisi Bozo
The course helped me to turn what seemed like "boring stats" my client had into useful and easy-to-understand graphics. This made it significantly easier for them to communicate intricate technology trends in a non-threatening way to their (mostly) non-technical audiences. - Ansie Vincente
The 'How to Tell Stories with Data' course was very eye-opening for me, equipping me with invaluable tools to convert data sets into compelling narratives using the online tool Flourish. A must for any data professional seeking to tell a story in more imaginative ways than the traditional pie chart or excel chart. - Sherry Neville
I would say what I learnt is the importance of visualisations in both capturing and keeping the audience's attention, in an ever evolving media landscape that is characterised by a decreasing reader timeframe. I also learnt the importance of having a strong angle in order to effectively tell the story that you want to tell - as too broad of a brushstroke makes it difficult to visualize. - Seth Thorne
I found the course insightful and very practical about how to visualise data. The reality is that one is developing 3 skills while doing this 1) identifying a story to tell, 2) arranging the data in a sensible way that tells the story and 3) designing a medium to communicate the story to the outside world. None of the 3 are natural, so the course is good in that it develops those 3 skills. - Craig Murrell
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